Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Made with Love

While preparing for Christmas, I've come across gifts made and given to me by "kindred spirits". There must be hours of love in each one. Yes hours of labor too...but certainly to give away such treasures has to come from one's heart.

The little pillow was the first gift of cross stitch from someone who now designs (I still think of the day she brought it to me...my icy front steps gave her quite a spill.) and the box was painted by a creative gal who also designs yet continues to find time to make boxes of all sorts. Believe it or not, I found this frame in the trash...yes, trash...and my "little pillow" friend stitched the piece to fit the frame. What a surprise! And Leona, I will always treasure the pillow cases...the hours of stitching are still much appreciated and yes, they are "used" every year.

This "soul sister" shares not only her love of music but her creativeness which includes presentation. When my photography becomes better, you will see the wonderful samplers she has also stitched and given to me!

Even children have made gifts for me which are just as wonderful and fill my heart with joy!
Never underestimate the power of hand made gifts...treasures from and to the heart.


Scattered Threads said...

I love all your stitching you've done and given to you. They are all very beautiful.
Have a warm Christmas.

dana said...

You and your "stitching circle of friends" are just wonderful! You make me wish I would have finished just ONE of the cross stitch projects I started! :) How I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorating and catching up on your recent posts! I just finished my LAST sale for the season, so hopefully, I will have some time to visit blogs and write more posts--after I get MY Christmas decorating finished! I did manage to decorate the tree we cut down---it only took two days. I'm finding that I'm slowing down in my Elder Years! :)