Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who's sleeping late...

Me or Mother Nature? One should allow themselves to sleep in on Saturdays even though it's the first day of Spring and there is a great deal of work to be accomplished. You've heard of Spring cleaning right? Once that's out of the way, the gardening begins. Wait...what is that surrounding the daffodils? Snow?! Does She not realize today is the first day of Spring? Or did I sleep so late my days are confused?!

Hopefully, the daffodils will make it through this new snow.

Everyone is tired of this long winter.
Please Mother Nature...wake up!


Sharyn said...

What a neat blog post, Joy! You are so creative with words! Love your stitched piece, of course!
I covered my daffodils last night so hope they survive, their buds looked ready to burst open!

Sharyn :-)

mainely stitching said...

What a fun and lovely post, Joy! Your photos are fabulous!