Monday, December 21, 2015

Before Christmas. . .

Many of us attend the mandatory Christmas programs, pageants and plays.   Who doesn't love seeing their child in one?  We all tend to go a little silly when "our" child has a part and often have stories that remain with us through out the years.

I remember once my daughter was completely left out until the last minute.  The teachers asked her if she would want to be an angel and her reply was---"Well I am one, so yes!"  And some of the outfits I dressed my son in--the most garish plaid slacks ever.  What was I thinking?

And before you know it, you're attending programs that your grands are in.  I'll never forget when the youngest was 3 and Papa walks to the stage for photos and she very loudly says, "Hi Papa!"--what a treat that was.

This year the thought came to me there won't be many more to attend.  This little lady is now in junior high.  Of course every song sung, I could hear her voice.

If you have not seen the stage performance of a Christmas Carol, do so.  There is no comparison between it and the movie.

Another first. . .being able to attend an open house where there were carolers.  Yes, one was a grand.

Finally, the annual photo with the tree!

I'm ready, how about you?


Robin in Virginia said...

What wonderful photos you shared with us, Joy! I love the last one of the tree with the grands. I'm ready here except for picking up the pies tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

gracie said...

Thank you for sharing the memories and photos. Have a Merry Christmas

Carol said...

You are so blessed to have those lovely granddaughters, Joy! I keep hoping and hoping :)

I'm sure this will be a very different Christmas for you without your dear husband, but I hope the memories of happy holiday times you two shared through the years will carry you through any moments of sadness. Merry Christmas, Joy! (You have the perfect Christmas name!)

Margaret said...

So sweet! Yes, there were many many shows and performances to attend for our kids. it must be so fun to have the same for your grandkids! Lovely pictures -- I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!