Sunday, February 7, 2010


Come and go and at some point, they become only a number. I have celebrated more birthdays than seem possible. Those that know me know my love of samplers. How fortunate I am to receive not only their gift of friendship but their gifts of stitching. It's difficult to choose which ones to share, each one is beautiful...perhaps I will add more another day.

"Remembrance" sampler by Margaret Kohl. This was my very first "sampler gift". Not only was it a sampler, the antique frame was part of the gift!

"Chole Lincoln Sampler" by Sheepish Antiques. I personally framed this piece for my friend, only to have it presented to me as a birthday present later. Another wonderful frame included!

"Happy Birthday" by Blackbird Designs. I was in absolute shock to think my "jewel" of a friend would stitch such a wonderful piece after knowing me for a very short time!

Thank you dear friends for bringing joy and happiness to my birthdays and life!


Kim said...

Joy!!!! Did you just have a Birthday? My Birthday was on Feb 5th!!!! I turned 52 this year. It was so different this year for me without my Mom being here to celebrate. She would bake me a homemade Coconut Cream Pie and always tell me something about the day I was born! But Jeff and Noah gave me some extra love to get me thru.....your samplers are very beautiful.

Tara Powell said...

These are all beautiful but I think my favorite is the last one.