Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Is it a number, date, feeling? Is it good or bad? Old or new? Are age and years the same? This little word age has been on my mind a great deal as of late..I cannot believe there have been so many years come and go. Where have they gone? Will they continue to speed by or is there a way to slow them...take them in day by day and breath? I can count, and thankfully remember, much joy and happiness through out these years. Fond memories seem to over power the bad..perhaps that is key.
Was this sampler really started over 15 years ago? Remember, a powerful word.
In a previous post, I questioned my love of snow over the beach. And even though it rains at the beach...
At this age, sunrise on the beach is beautiful!
Remember..."They are not long, the days of wine and roses".


Kim said...

Hi Joy!!! Love the beach pictures. I could use some beach time but that isnt until June. The weather has worn me down!!! Thanks for the sweet card! Love the sampler you posted, very beautiful. Hoping Spring comes very soon. Kim

Scattered Threads said...

Hello Joy,
Thank you for sharing those sentiments.
Powerful lonely words as age, love, remember, and the like just make you think. I am working on a pattern I found years ago about, Adjust sails. One of those thinker types that speaks to me. So please check back if you can in the coming weeks. Would like for you to see it and perhaps we could have a conversation or two about it. I like all of your stitching dear, especially the samplers.
Thanks for stopping in and I truly appreciate your comment.
Be blessed. Jackie.