Sunday, April 25, 2010


Or become involved in the world around us. Engage, isn't that when someone is going to become married? Sometimes we forget the multiple use of words until we hear them used differently. After hearing Father ask us to "become engaged" and listen with our ears and speak and act with heart, I cannot stop thinking about this word. In order for me to truly understand and engage, I want to slow down and acknowledge what I truly enjoy being engaged in...whether it be enjoying my friends and family, gardening, stitching or doing my best to be kind to the world around me.

After three days of rain, I may not be working in the garden...however, I can engage in it's beauty.

A hanky and rosary found at an estate sale by a dear friend only to be given to me. She said holding the rosary "touched" her, which did not surprise me. After holding it myself, I felt it had "spirit". How lovely the gift and friendship, how engaging the conversation.
The decision was made to finish a project rather than start a new one. In order to finish this piece, I've decided to rip out the vine and grounds around the house. Almost always I purchase patterns because I am attracted to the designer's choice of colors. The green in this piece is an overdyed that looks nothing like the original. After digging around in my stash, I found what looks much closer...and what is a few minutes of ripping out if it will keep me engaged?!
What does engage say to you?


Kim said...

It is a beautiful stitch, and the green looks great. I am working on a gift for the Blackbird gift exchange-due to be mailed out starting May 1!!!!! I am doing a pin cushion. Will post it when I am finished!!!

Barb said...

Hi Joy I love the under a sunlit sky so delicate and pretty . However, I do like the header design too, can you tell me if that is in a book of BD or a chart as I would love to stitch it for my Blackbird wall.
Now I have found your blog I shall be following you , its very engaging !

Joy said...

Hi Barb...the header sampler is called "Morning of Life" from BB's Thank You Sarah Tobias.

Thanks for stopping by...Happy Day!

Andrea said...

Such a gorgeous finish Joy, love it! I've had this one in my stash since it was first released, hope to stitch it soon. Seeing yours inspires me to get it out :-)

Engage to me means - engage in life! If you don't, it takes off and leaves you in it's dust!