Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's amazing...

How much stitching one can accomplish when setting down each day and actually stitching, if only for a few minutes! With encouragement from friends and self determination, I have finally completed one of those "must haves" that has been lying in my basket for quite some time.
As you can see from the pattern, the original sampler appears to be framed in a "found" frame. My thought is to leave off the border and frame mine in an 8"x10" frame that I may have in my stack of found frames. What do you think? There's no time to look...more stitching and a lot of gardening awaits.

And speaking of amazement...look at this rosemary plant I found while raking leaves yesterday. We have had an exceptionally, or what felt like, long hard winter and rosemary doesn't survive here in the mildest of winters. You can imagine my surprise!

My sister, who is the most amazing kind and loving person, prepared Easter dinner for her five children and their spouses and insisted my husband and I join them. Which in all totalled: 13 adults, 3 or 4 dogs and her five beautiful great nieces and great nephew...all of whom are truly great. Her home is small, however with her heart, it is always filled with the most amazing love!
What amazes you today?


Andrea said...

Lovely finish, that's one of my very favorite BBD's!
Wonderful find with the Rosemary! I just bought a little plant and am trying to keep it alive!

Sharyn said...

Strawberry Garden is beautiful!
Can't wait to see it framed. See, isn't it a wonderful feeling to have a finish?!
How cool that you found the Rosemary!
Sharyn :-)

mainely stitching said...

WOW that's a stunning finish! And your sister sounds like a wonderful person - must run in the family? ;)

Kim said...

Your stitching is so beautiful and this BB design is sweet! So is the rosemary. I have had the worst luck gowing it myself. But to get it back after winter is a real gift! You are very Blessed to have such a loving sister, and it sounds like you had an amazing Easter. My Easter was bittersweet, an empty chair with someone dear to my heart missing.....

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

HI JOY!!! I am so proud of you that you finished! It is just wonderful - as are the others you have shared below. My very fav designer is Blackbird! We have the same taste!

Your family is precious. So happy that your Easter was filled with love and memories. And hey, no matter the size of a home, it is the love inside the walls that matters most.

Yes, Jordan was smiling down on us yesterday! I know that for sure!!


dana said...

What a gorgeous stitchery, Joy! I'm certain it will be lovely in one of your "found frames". It seems you've been too busy to blog much lately as well! :) I hope to get back to more than once a week....sometime!

How was your trip? Bet it was much warmer than what we had in Indep! :) Did you go to the Garden Show in Gr.Wood today? I didn't get to cuz I had an appointment, but I plan on going in the morning with Bonnie (she was there today and bought stuff she has to go back and pick up). Hope she left some goodies for me! :)

Have a good evening! I'm adding your blog name to my sidebar. Dana

Quiltsmiles said...

Finally finding some time to visit your blog. I am touched by your wise words and thought provoking posts and am thouroughly enjoying myself. Love this BBD Strawberry Gardens! Your finish is exquisite!
Also, I found that your 12 yr old GD and I share the same date of birth and I'll gladly give her the 5 pounds she so desires too, I have plenty to spare. lol
Love that BBD, it is truly my favorite!