Thursday, January 7, 2010

Always just one...

Before the age of digital cameras, we always said, "No matter how many pictures on a roll, there's always just one that you want to keep". Now having only digital cameras, the same may be true. Do I have an expensive, fancy camera? No. Do I have photography experience or know the ins and outs? No. Yet there is always "just one". This one touches my heart.

A few more earlier Christmas stitching...
"Blackbird's Winter Delivery" , Loose Feathers, by BBD

"Merry Christmas Sampler" by Chessie & Me

"Christmas Sampler" from Book One The Spirit of Christmas

This sampler was from a magazine no longer in print.
We have had snow here since Christmas Eve...with more snow yesterday along with wind and bitter cold temperatures. I'm thankful to be in a warm home with of whom wants to stitch samplers...and my sweetie. I'm going to stitch for awhile and count my blessings.
What warms your heart today?


dana said...

Hi Joy! Well, we only thought it was cold YESTERDAY, didn't we? :) I have an 8 a.m. appointment at the lab, too! Hmmmm.....bad timing on my part! :) At least it's close.

Loved seeing all of your stitching. You do such a great job. No, I didn't know you worked at SBS. Those were the glory days. I miss that place and a few of the other fine shops that have closed over the years.

Yes, that is a great photo!

Stay warm and cozy! Dana

Beverly said...

Dana at The Stone Rabbit sent me over to say hello. I added myself as one of your followers, and I hope you will follow my blog, too.

All of your pieces are beautiful. Do you do work to sell?

Joy said...

Beverly, thanks for stopping by. Haven't sold any of my stitching as of yet. I always seem to be stiting on a "never ending" project for myself or gifts for friends.