Sunday, January 24, 2010

More tools...

As I continue to fill part of the days stitching, I'm finding all sorts of "necessities" required to be considered a true needle artisan. I don't normally use a hoop, however find it useful when stitching one over one.

An old needle case found at an estate sale is a fond reminder of a day spent with a friend.

This wool piece was made to keep on hand an extra pair of scissors...or two. How many scissors does one person need?!

An old bamboo chop stick, difficult to find today, is useful when stuffing any small project.

And one cannot have too many pin cushions! Notice the "ring" on the linen? Remember to remove hoops when not stitching.
Can there be too many "necessities"?


Andrea said...

Gorgeous treasures Joy, all of them! I used to use a hoop a lot but not so much anymore, my hands cramp with them now.

Anonymous said...

Shirley you are not stitching over one!!?? Yes, I just called you Shirley... LOL. Your nice post reminds me I have some things to finish!!!

Kim said...

Joy!! Your pictures are so pretty! Did you make the wool pieces? I love both of them, the colors are so soft and sweet. I always look forward to your posts. Hope the stitching is going good for you. I also like a hoop when doing one over one, (my favorite look on linen) and my dazor as well, as my eyes are getting old and they don't last as long on stitching these days. If I am not stitching I am looking at it somewhere in cyber space, mostly on blog sites. Stay warm my friend!

Kim said...

Is the flower pin cuhion hooked with wool strips onto the wool? The colors are so sweet!
I need to revisit pastels, it seems I always buy the darker primitive colors of wool.....

Joy said...

Jewel, I have not changed my name to Shirley...LOL. Kim and Andrea, I don't stitch often on projects with "one over one" so therefore not using a hoop often.

Kim the flower pin cushion does have a strip of wool for the flower. It was made by a local needle artisan in our area...she makes the most wonderful pin cushions using tart tins also. I did make the other wool piece myself but not my design.

Thank you to all for stopping by...happy day!

dana said...

I love your "tools share"....I use lots of tools, too, for the items I create. Your old needle case is great!

Hope you're staying warm

Have you been to the new Hobby Lobby? Can you believe I HAVEN'T? I think I shall venture over there (heck I could WALK to it) later today!