Sunday, November 29, 2009

After the turkey...

Now is the time to begin thinking of Christmas. Let's start by packing away the Fall and Halloween. Sad, these things aren't out a little longer. That being is an example of a "quick" finish for a Halloween stitching project. The pillow was made in such a way that the pillow form can be removed from the "sham" and used for another season. When unsure of a final finish, try pressing under raw edges and using glass headed pins to hold the stitching on top of the pillow.
This small Christmas sampler is in a frame which is also used for Spring and Summer stitching. Perhaps it also could be used for a Fall project. With a little thought and math, one only has to change the count of the linen or "tweak" the pattern to reuse a lovely frame throughout the year.

Let the Christmas decorating begin and count every blessing!

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Alma Allen said...

Love seeing your samplers! The bowl of acorn ornaments is wonderful too! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Looks like someone really cute is decorating the tree for you!!!