Sunday, November 22, 2009

Really...41 years?

In the "Era of Woodstock", some of us named our unborn children even though we were not aware of there gender. Personally, "Baby Moonglow" felt right. Knowing "she" could not walk thru life as such, Angela Christine sounded nice. Arriving at the hospital at 1 a.m. and giving birth at 4 a.m. was frightening. Never having been in a hospital, who could think what was to come. But when the nurse handed me my child, reality set in. "Congratulations, you have a son". What? Son? No, I'm having a girl! The doctor jumps in and says, "No, you definitely have a boy". Angela Christine quickly changed to Chris Alan and tears were flowing with the realization I had never even held a baby and knew nothing about little boys! The first month was shaky but by Christmas we both were doing well.

There is a reason to save everything...this ornament is hung on my tree every Christmas. Some day it will hang on the "little boy's" tree.

My dad was happy to have a grandson, the first grandchild. He and Chris bonded quickly and shared many "firsts"...walking, talking, hair cut...sad he wasn't around to see more than the teenage years.

Happy Birthday you to the moon.

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Alma Allen said...

It's almost frightening to think of having a son that is 41 years old! What a nice tribute to him. Hope his birthday was a very nice one.