Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is there time

I have been frantically tearing thru the house looking for my copy of "Thank You Sarah Tobias" by BlackBird Designs. And in doing so, I found so many sampler patterns and/or kits that I plan to stitch. I keep thinking I should weed out a few but how can I when I still love every one of them?! Plus, where will I hang more samplers? I counted that I have at least 75 framed samplers...most of which, I have stitched myself. Yes, there are several that were gifts. Not too many people truly appreciate a hand made gift, let alone a stitched sampler...thank you to those "special know who you are and I think of you and appreciate you even more when I see your hours of stitching. I'm not going to worry about more wall space but please, let there be more time!

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