Saturday, November 7, 2009

"F" Sixth letter

First Friday Fun...where is the camera? Forgotten? No where in sight. Frantic! What to do? Continue to enjoy a Fall day with a jewel of a friend. Found treasurers at Red Cedar Gardens, and funky planter from The Summer's Garden and Steve Hess. A little good JuJu and sight seeing in the Historic West Bottoms of Kansas City. Food from favorite Mexican restaurant...Manny's! More shopping and back to the car. Oh yea...FOUND...the camera in the car, just where she said it would be! Thank goodness one of us had it together so you could see a little bit of a Fantastic day...

Flamingos...should have brought them home for a gift later.
Fabulous Fairy Garden
"F" Sixth letter of the English Alphabet...I like the letter "F".

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