Sunday, April 25, 2010


Or become involved in the world around us. Engage, isn't that when someone is going to become married? Sometimes we forget the multiple use of words until we hear them used differently. After hearing Father ask us to "become engaged" and listen with our ears and speak and act with heart, I cannot stop thinking about this word. In order for me to truly understand and engage, I want to slow down and acknowledge what I truly enjoy being engaged in...whether it be enjoying my friends and family, gardening, stitching or doing my best to be kind to the world around me.

After three days of rain, I may not be working in the garden...however, I can engage in it's beauty.

A hanky and rosary found at an estate sale by a dear friend only to be given to me. She said holding the rosary "touched" her, which did not surprise me. After holding it myself, I felt it had "spirit". How lovely the gift and friendship, how engaging the conversation.
The decision was made to finish a project rather than start a new one. In order to finish this piece, I've decided to rip out the vine and grounds around the house. Almost always I purchase patterns because I am attracted to the designer's choice of colors. The green in this piece is an overdyed that looks nothing like the original. After digging around in my stash, I found what looks much closer...and what is a few minutes of ripping out if it will keep me engaged?!
What does engage say to you?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's amazing...

How much stitching one can accomplish when setting down each day and actually stitching, if only for a few minutes! With encouragement from friends and self determination, I have finally completed one of those "must haves" that has been lying in my basket for quite some time.
As you can see from the pattern, the original sampler appears to be framed in a "found" frame. My thought is to leave off the border and frame mine in an 8"x10" frame that I may have in my stack of found frames. What do you think? There's no time to look...more stitching and a lot of gardening awaits.

And speaking of amazement...look at this rosemary plant I found while raking leaves yesterday. We have had an exceptionally, or what felt like, long hard winter and rosemary doesn't survive here in the mildest of winters. You can imagine my surprise!

My sister, who is the most amazing kind and loving person, prepared Easter dinner for her five children and their spouses and insisted my husband and I join them. Which in all totalled: 13 adults, 3 or 4 dogs and her five beautiful great nieces and great nephew...all of whom are truly great. Her home is small, however with her heart, it is always filled with the most amazing love!
What amazes you today?

Sunday, April 4, 2010