Sunday, May 29, 2011

Military Heroes...

We all have them...someone departed that remains in our hearts...Daddy, you will always be my Hero. Or the young man you barely know wearing his service uniform while attending church this morning. Or perhaps, even one of the many military personnel that serve our country.

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, was set aside to honor the fallen military heroes who gave their lives to protect us and our freedom. Today let's celebrate not only those who are gone, but also the many men and women willing to serve our Country. Say a prayer, a thank you...whatever is in your heart...please remember these brave souls.

"Any Nation that does not Honor its Heroes will not long endure."

Will you remember a Hero today?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


is certainly out of our hands when it comes to Mother Nature. No one knows when or where Her wrath will hit. Our hearts ache for the people just south of here in Joplin, MO. Will you keep them in your thoughts and prayers?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Is not something to take lightly in today's world...this I know. However, it seems as though our deck, flower boxes and just about every where we look, the birds have evicted us! Please don't misunderstand, we love birds and they are welcomed. My husband insists they take one look here and say "Look, there's Joy's place...let's stay!". I don't have the heart to tell him it may be because we have trees, bushes and lots of plants...unlike our neighbors.

A robin chose to build her nest right above the deck and is quite vocal when we want to dine outside.

These two doves are growing quickly but do not appear to want to leave. When trying to garden, I don't know who is most frightened of whom.

And this little guy (Carolina wren) screams at me when I want to use my back door! Could we not share?

Never mind its nest was built in MY window box! I purchased flowers for this box but guess the planting will wait until babies come and go. I would however like to know where they found the moss to make such a lovely home.We have so many more species and are enjoying them, but please....

Could we use the surroundings too?

Monday, May 16, 2011


Me? Well, that's what April tells me...and what a generous giveaway. I haven't won anything since I was in high school and back then, I thought winning a cuckoo clock was just dumb. Certainly can't say that now.What fun starts your week?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Page by page...

I'm moving on! And though I still don't care for "multiple page" charts, progress has been made. Thank you to all who shared suggestions regarding my dilemma of being overwhelmed by 14 pages of "Elizabeth Savilles". Your comments were appreciated and gave me the push needed to just start stitching. Truly, it hasn't been so bad. I did however piece together every page...something about seeing the chart in it's entirety seemed less daunting. Elizabeth has certainly had her challenges what with chart, fabric and floss...

Surprisingly, the colors show better here than the actual stitching. And I'm convinced the photo on the pattern is of an entirely different sampler! The pattern calls for 32 count Vintage Meadow Rue from Lakeside Linens which was in my stash, but with only 1/2" around the design thought it wise not to use it. Pulling from that stash, I found another 32 count fabric that looked to be just a shade lighter...until I started stitching, that is. And then there's Olde Willow Threads, not my favorite. As Laurie from Corgi Cottage said, "The green is wimpy". I certainly have to agree on that one! Concerned none of the green would show, I pulled a WDW thread from the stash and mixed it in. Thank goodness for the "stash"!With all that being said, Elizabeth is still a favorite. I'm hoping gardening doesn't interfere with her continued progress. We are having a couple of 90 degree days...good reason to stitch.

What would you choose, stitching or gardening?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The month of May brings...

Our own "royal affair". No, not actually a royal affair...however, the past few weeks have been filled with anticipation awaiting today's event.

The youngest Grandgirl received her First Holy Communion. Such a serious, yet exciting day for her. And as she whispered to me, "I will always have Jesus in my heart", I was humbled to be by her side as both Grammie and Godmother.
Congratulations sweet girl...May you always know His love.