Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Is it a number, date, feeling? Is it good or bad? Old or new? Are age and years the same? This little word age has been on my mind a great deal as of late..I cannot believe there have been so many years come and go. Where have they gone? Will they continue to speed by or is there a way to slow them...take them in day by day and breath? I can count, and thankfully remember, much joy and happiness through out these years. Fond memories seem to over power the bad..perhaps that is key.
Was this sampler really started over 15 years ago? Remember, a powerful word.
In a previous post, I questioned my love of snow over the beach. And even though it rains at the beach...
At this age, sunrise on the beach is beautiful!
Remember..."They are not long, the days of wine and roses".

Friday, February 12, 2010

What is love?

The dictionary explains, "strong or passionate affection for a person". Yet through the years, we have used the word to include much more..."a strong predilection, enthusiasm, or liking for anything". I would like to believe our first loves should include God, country and home, as well as our fellow man.

Blackbird Designs "February Hearts" from a Fine Collection.
Old books found on outings with my true love.
Carriage House Samplings "Hearts & Flowers".
He "loves" golf and I the snow.
Well maybe sunrise on the beach is right up there with snow. Okay, let's be honest, since I will celebrate Valentine's on the beach, perhaps it is above snow. That decision will be made upon my return.
What is your definition of Love?

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Come and go and at some point, they become only a number. I have celebrated more birthdays than seem possible. Those that know me know my love of samplers. How fortunate I am to receive not only their gift of friendship but their gifts of stitching. It's difficult to choose which ones to share, each one is beautiful...perhaps I will add more another day.

"Remembrance" sampler by Margaret Kohl. This was my very first "sampler gift". Not only was it a sampler, the antique frame was part of the gift!

"Chole Lincoln Sampler" by Sheepish Antiques. I personally framed this piece for my friend, only to have it presented to me as a birthday present later. Another wonderful frame included!

"Happy Birthday" by Blackbird Designs. I was in absolute shock to think my "jewel" of a friend would stitch such a wonderful piece after knowing me for a very short time!

Thank you dear friends for bringing joy and happiness to my birthdays and life!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some dream of angels...

We held one in our arms. Kaleb was just a whisper, however his birth affected our lives forever. What would it be like to have a grandson play with two beautiful granddaughters? Would our daughter still be living close by? So many unanswered questions...yet after the past years, thoughts of "what if" still cross our minds. We are blessed and our lives are filled with happiness yet some days we share a tear for what could have been.

Hold your babies close today and say a prayer for those who can't.

"In heaven there's a special place for every girl and boy to live with God forever and share His love and joy."