Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where have they gone

The year 2009 is coming to an end, not to mention a decade. With the passing years, change is ever present...employment, friends, health, technology and so much more. As individuals, it is up to us to embrace those changes...although it may not always be an easy task...reflect on that which gives you pleasure.


Favorite wine and "treat"

Garden surprise


Sunrise on the beach

The years may come and go...but memories can add up to a lifetime of happiness.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Child is Born

May you be blessed with the true meaning of Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am fortunate to say there are many things that bring me pleasure. Here are a few...

Stitching from a friend who doesn't mind it's in a bowl.

A great niece enjoying her stickers.

A new ornament to remind me of a "Wicked" afternoon.

A cozy porch with a book or stitching.
And the warm feeling of giving the money to some one in need rather than spending it on "one more gift".
What pleasures can you count today?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 35 years ago...

Having a son it was time to welcome a daughter into our home. No one could predict, in fact, if there was to be girl...but I knew. She was due December 21st and since my dad's birthday was the 23rd, we all thought that would be a good arrival date. Preparing for Christmas and having an energetic "little boy" in the house, excitement was certainly in the air. By the second week of December, we were ready. So much so, the "little boy" and the bus driver knew if our front door was closed, he was to go straight to the neighbor's house. Interesting how we remember different events in our 10a.m. I knew my body was telling me to call the doctor. Having been there the day before, the doctor says "you have a couple more days but come in anyway". Arriving at the office in record time, he sends me directly to the hospital...thank goodness there was not a lot of traveling 11:59a.m. there was indeed a baby girl in our lives. What's wrong? Should there be this silence? Doctors and nurses scurrying every where, one quick look for me and she was whisked away to Children's Mercy Hospital. My heart was full of worry and fear even though everyone assured me she would be fine. An early evening ice storm arrives and no one even comes to visit me that cold lonely night. It was a night filled with worry and disbelief. Why would a nurse argue with me over the spelling of her name? J a i m e...that's how I want it spelled and she proceeds to tell me "that's wrong". Well maybe she was a little right...sorry Jaime, I know there were many times you had to spell your name over and over. By noon on December 21st, I finally made it to her hospital. Where was my beautiful daughter? Why would a hospital shave a baby's head? A kind doctor saw my panic and explained everything to me. Although her birth date is December 19th, it was not until January 7th I was able to hold her in my arms. What a grand day!!At 8 months old she still had little hair, but wasn't she beautiful?!?!

A happy little girl who sings like an angel.

Sad to say my daughter, my friend, lives 10 hours away and we are not able to share her birthdays. This will be the first, actually the second Christmas in 35 years we will be apart yet today I will count every treasured memory we have shared.
Happy Birthday you to the moon and always in my heart!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The sofa may stay...

As I keep saying to my friends, "I'm going to have the movers come and take the sofa". For some reason, too much time is spent in the evenings laying on the sofa. So many samplers and so little time...they won't get stitched while on that sofa will they? Since Thanksgiving, the resident kitty has taken her share of the sofa. For me...I'm stitching again. Mind you this isn't a large piece, but it's stitched and given as a present.

This little sampler is just another example of "fitting" your stitching into an already made 5"x7" frame.

For a number of years, a stitching friend and I would get together and start a sampler on New Year's Eve. And until the wine took over, there was actually stitching! The pleasures of stitching are returning...hopefully old traditions will return.

What pleasures can you count today?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Does it really matter...

The shopping has begun...will it get finished in time? The tree has been trimmed, yet another box of ornaments awaits...will they hang this year? The garden has bits of the Season here and there...will the skeleton remain among them? And where is the Christmas pillow for the porch?

Does it matter if we say God, Spirit, Karma or Love?

For me, it's Peace...Peace is what matters.

May Peace be in all of our hearts today and always.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Made with Love

While preparing for Christmas, I've come across gifts made and given to me by "kindred spirits". There must be hours of love in each one. Yes hours of labor too...but certainly to give away such treasures has to come from one's heart.

The little pillow was the first gift of cross stitch from someone who now designs (I still think of the day she brought it to icy front steps gave her quite a spill.) and the box was painted by a creative gal who also designs yet continues to find time to make boxes of all sorts. Believe it or not, I found this frame in the trash...yes, trash...and my "little pillow" friend stitched the piece to fit the frame. What a surprise! And Leona, I will always treasure the pillow cases...the hours of stitching are still much appreciated and yes, they are "used" every year.

This "soul sister" shares not only her love of music but her creativeness which includes presentation. When my photography becomes better, you will see the wonderful samplers she has also stitched and given to me!

Even children have made gifts for me which are just as wonderful and fill my heart with joy!
Never underestimate the power of hand made gifts...treasures from and to the heart.

Friday, December 4, 2009

All through the house...

The decorating begins, earlier than ever before. Still there is no time to be a "scrooge" about it. However, no one mentioned there was so much required dusting and cleaning. Does one cut back on the decorating or cleaning? Or just ignore a room? Since every Santa, sampler and loved memento, deserves to stand out, I opt for whole house clean. And what could be considered drudgery is turning into fond memories of Christmas's past.The first cup of morning coffee is a "joy" looking out the kitchen window.

Turn around and look into the living room where Santa stand.

A small herd of sheep in the dining room.

Guess what room? Would you like to see more?

This Christmas brings change, but there are countless memories keeping smiles in our hearts.