Monday, March 29, 2010


Is it so much easier to start a project than finish?! We talk about stitching...don't we "jewel"? And we put in a stitch here and there...thanks Sharyn. Yet still, boredom sets in and we move on to that new found "got to have". Okay, maybe the word "we" is to ease the guilt I often have when tiring of one piece and moving on to another. Really, I do want to finish these pieces but far too often I find an excuse to move on.

Could it be I really want to start this?

I have stitched this sweet little sampler by Sheepish Designs several times. This particular one was stitched for me instead!

This too is a fun little sampler...I believe it to be a Twisted Threads.

And one of my all time favorites by Blackbird Designs found in their "Fine Collections" book. Very Spring like!
Does it really matter why? LOL

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who's sleeping late...

Me or Mother Nature? One should allow themselves to sleep in on Saturdays even though it's the first day of Spring and there is a great deal of work to be accomplished. You've heard of Spring cleaning right? Once that's out of the way, the gardening begins. Wait...what is that surrounding the daffodils? Snow?! Does She not realize today is the first day of Spring? Or did I sleep so late my days are confused?!

Hopefully, the daffodils will make it through this new snow.

Everyone is tired of this long winter.
Please Mother Nature...wake up!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The "second girl" is seven!

Number two "grand" girl has a birthday...can she really be seven?! Although she and her big sister are equally wonderful, she is so very different. She is an independent, lovely, creative child. There has been mention she is much like her "grammie" bringing moans and rolling of the eyes from some, but a little smile from me. Of course I'm prejudice, but when telling her I thought she was creative...her reply, "Yes, I know...I'm going to be a designer." Designer? Of what? "Oh, it doesn't matter...there's a lot to be designed." And much to my delight, she's ready for me to help her stitch a sampler. Perhaps, she will design her own sampler one day.

Definitely, Papa's "buddy"!

Fashion is quite important at seven don't you agree?

"Thank you everybody. No, I will keep the money."

Did I mention she also likes to have fun with her grammie? Yes, she loves 3D too!
Happy Birthday "Ladybug" you to the moon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

El Sol

Since returning from vacation, the sofa is once again my friend. Just too tired to stitch, much less anything else. Sure there have been home cooked meals, laundry...gosh is that suitcase unpacked? Oh yes, let's not forget work. There has been bright sunny days this week so I thought a stroll in the garden was in order. With all the snow we've had this winter, the ground is quite wet. Look what's peeking through? Every one and everything is in need of sun! Even with patches of snow, we dream of what's to come.

Nice to see "el sol"...for me and my garden.