Thursday, February 26, 2015

In Stitches...

Was said to mean laughing  so hard it's painful.  Not certain if that's still true today,  however February has been filled with stitching and finishing with a little pain thrown in.  A busy month with barely enough days to complete everything before Nashville market.

Perhaps the painful part, would be the times a needle pricked my fingers.  I so need to learn to use that thimble again!  Thimbles just seem so cumbersome and slow me down. There's no time to slow down!

 Just yesterday, my sister asked if I ever took the time to work on my own projects.  Yes, I do...doesn't a small piece count?

Finely Finished has been keeping me in stitches this month.

Hope to take more time next month to get back into blogging on a regular basis.  This silly post is not letting me go back and add design information on each picture?!  So much to relearn!   Before I hit that publish button,  I'd like to share my new favorite nail color..."In Stitches"...appropriate don't you think?

What's keeping you in stitches these days?

Be well my friends...your comments are always appreciated.