Friday, September 24, 2010

Do not try this at home...

After stitching my first reproduction sampler, "Lucy Redd" by Homespun Elegance, I was anxious to have it framed and hung for stitch night. Having spent hours on the stitching, it just needed to be hung on the mantle and, yes...props were know, just like the pattern. Settling down to stitch, someone says, "Do you smell something?". Oh my gosh, yes! Hard to believe, and a tad difficult to admit, the frame on the newly stitched sampler was burning from the displayed candle! You know, I'm all for ageing my work, but this had gone too far. Thank goodness there were friends around...I can only imagine what could have happened.

Yes, I still burn candles...every day...but with much care and away from the samplers. LOL
Lesson learned...age sampler not frame.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's about time...

For an "Unfinished" finish! What? Yes, the "Unfinished Reproduction I" sampler by HomespunElegance is now a frame and finish.

Let's back up a bit...some years ago, far too many than one can count...a friend stitched and framed this piece as a gift. Lucky me! It's always been a favorite and has a predominant place on the dining room wall, catching the eye of several. I always believe, in addition to the sampler, they are drawn to the aging and over dyeing of the linen itself. It was only appropriate the person who stitched this for me should receive in kind....such an enjoyable stitch. Although the aging process was some what frightening...perhaps not as much as purchasing an antique sampler only to find out later it was not an antique. Isn't it amazing how just about anything can be aged?! The second stitching and aging a breeze! The third and most recent was also a quick stitch but the aging process was dreaded. So much so the sampler was given as a birthday gift in 2008 and just now framed...she is so patient. A little coffee, kitchen bouquet, matches and
sand paper is all one needs for aging.

Can you believe she found her own frame? No not custom, probably from a thrift store or garage sale. A little paint and it's perfect! She has such an eye for great frames.

Not my favorite photo but a truer look of the actual color.
You're so right Jewel, "it is about time"!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


It's cooler and calmer in this little part of the world. So much so the neglected fall project is once again in progress. Something to keep me occupied rather than Fall decorating...looking for pumpkins, bittersweet, anything Fall. My jewel of a friend says it's too early and keeps reminding me it is still Summer so maybe it is a little early...after all it is only Labor Day weekend.

Yet when strolling through the garden, I couldn't help but plop this skull on the stakes where it belongs...even though he says, "I don't think I like that". Well, it's going to stay although there does seem to be some confusion as to the true season.

What do you think...Summer or Fall?