Friday, January 23, 2015

Too attached...

To my "stuff" or at least that's what the oldest grand accuses me of.  While she is a very smart young lady, she is a 16 year old and can't possibly understand the value of stuff.  And besides, I prefer the word treasures.

Many years have gone into finding, saving and using my treasures.  The real coup is in finding bargains, and yes, I have been known to dive into a dumpster!  It's amazing to me what others discard.  On occasion it hits me, I have too much stuff (I mean too many treasures) and decide to purge.  And what happens?  It had a purpose all along.

For example an old frame.  It had been in the basement forever until one day a sampler fit into it perfectly.   And yesterday, a thought hit me...maybe I could use it for another one of my favorite pieces.   Yes!  This is why I'm "attached to my stuff" fit perfectly!

How about you, are you attached to your stuff?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

"I will honor Christmas...

in my heart and try to keep it all the year."  Wonderful thought for every year.

This quote has so many possibilities and I suppose could be interpreted in many ways.  As for myself and the Jewel, we are on the lookout all year for each other's Christmas gifts.  And as the year comes to an end, usually there's a theme.

As this is the best part of Christmas for myself, I sadly forget about taking pictures.  Trust me, the tray and contents, along with the box, were brimming with wonderfulness!  And yes, I still have my flip flops on.  If you believe in Christmas,  you can believe you're on a beach.

Here's a bit of my thought process...something she taught me.  Finding mementos on outings throughout the year.  Some right under each other's noses.  Every little piece tells a story.

Books with somewhat of a theme.

More than gifts, friendships, or relationships of any kind, are to be honored and kept all year.

How about you, have you thought about this quote?

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Am I in need of therapy?  While cleaning my studio, I peeked into the basket of "starts"...little did I know there were so many!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not feeling any guilt.  After all, "keeps me out of the bars and off the streets" to quote a family member.  There really isn't a lot of money involved here...just a lot of stitching.  Stitching, gardening, reading and now finish work are passions.  Just need to nurture the passions.

The goal this year is to work on clients' finish work during the day and stitch during the evening.

First 2015 "Finely Finished" finishes shipped.

Seriously, what are your passions?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Packing it...

All away saddens me a little this year.  2014 was a true year of change and I'm certain 2015 will be also.  Perhaps, the key to any change is acceptance and finding joy in the little things.  Better yet, searching out and doing what makes you happy!

Not all Christmas will be is still winter after all.  I kind of "slide" from one holiday into another.   As this piece is usually out of doors, it was so much fun to repurpose it for indoors.

This photo will be on my computer screen, reminding me that there is always good in change!

Packing away and remembering the good in 2015.  How about you?