Saturday, September 10, 2016

Do I find you. . .

Still blogging?  Or have you gone to Instagram, Facebook and the many other social media sites?  Have we become so busy there's no time to blog, let alone read blogs?  I'm certainly guilty of not posting.  I want to and think of it often.  But do I?  No.  Am I that busy?  No, at least not every day of the week.  And last time I looked, there were still seven days in a week.

This summer I was on the beach of Gulf Shores, AL.  Great friends, great food and relaxing time to say the least.

Another concert to see Sir Paul.  

Of course, there was time with these two.  One now a senior and one in eighth grade.

A little time in the garden.

And then there's Finely Finished.  Finishing the needlework of fellow stitchers has not only become a passion, but a blessing too.

That's where I've been, now tell me. . .

Where will I find you?