Saturday, April 22, 2017

Counting. . .

And counting the days, or should I say the months since I have posted.  I think of it often and do so enjoy seeing your posts.  Where does the time go?

Life is becoming a new normal here and all is well.  I am, however, surprised that I even remember how to start a post.  

Finely Finished is now a full time job--not my favorite word.  Finish work is a passion for me (not a job) and I'm fortunate to have clients' that allow me to spend time in the studio and "create" using their finely stitched pieces.  And how fun to have someone say "do your magic"!  

Strawberries seem to be a favorite to stitch these days.  With so many lovely designs, I can see why.  Erica Michaels' Quaker Strawberry  has passed through the studio in many color ways.

Tell me. . .are you counting stitches or days?

  Thank you for stopping by, looking forward to hearing from you.